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San Juan Del Lago Eco RV Park & Community has built the basic infrastructure to now begin the process of forming the community. Our goal is to bring together RVers who want to live in an eco-friendly environment, centrally located with great weather and an affordable cost of living, and participate in building a self-sustaining, permaculture-based community.

San Juan del Lago Eco RV Park & Community welcomes RV families, RV retirees, and RV singles who value freedom, are tolerant of others, and are eager to grow and share food.

We offer spacious lots (10 by 20 meters) that you can make into your home, land to practice permaculture, and a group of people who support each other in thriving during and beyond this time of great change and opportunity.

We have 50 acres of land, a mature edible cactus orchard, and a food forest with some mature citrus, guava, and papaya trees. We also have 35 chickens, 2 sheep, 7 horses, and 13 dogs.

We are currently focusing on three major projects: 1) digging a well that will provide hot and cold mineral water to the community, 2) building Earth Bag cabins that will be available for lease or rental, and 3) improving the food forest to provide abundant fresh fruits and vegetables to the community.

If you are a like-minded individual or Eco RVer and would like to visit us or perhaps join the community, please contact us !

We have so much to share with you

RV Eco Park

We are an Eco RV Community catering to RVers who want to live in an eco-friendly environment, centrally located with great weather and affordable cost of living.  Read more ….

Eco Movement

Permaculture is an integral part of the Eco movement. It’s a systemic & holistic method of designing human habitats and farming systems inspired by natural ecology & tradition. Read more ….


Gated Eco RV Park, 22 spacious lots (60 lots when completed), full hook-ups, panoramic view of Lake Cuitzeo.      Read more …

Tour Services

The  Eco Park is  centrally located & close to a variety of adventures. Visit the Monarch Butterflies, Morelia, Pátzcuaro, Cuitzeo Lake, the Azufres, thermal baths and Moroleón.  Read more ….

Spa Services

Located in the “Ruta de la Salud” (Route of Health), we use the famous healing thermal water and mud for our spa treatments & massages. Read more …

Directions and Map

San Juan Tararameo – Benito Juárez Municipio de Cuitzeo, Michoacán, MX 58843 ​​The gate is always locked – please call us before your arrival. Read more …

What our visitors and friends say about us

Arturo has built a wonderful, centrally located RV Park here 20 minutes north of Morelia. The services are top notch including site size, electric and WiFi. He delights in taking his guests around the area and explaining everything to them.  Brian Wilkins, March 16th, 2017

Nous conduisons un motorisé classe À, 40′ pusher/diesel et sommes restés une semaine. Le site est situé à la jonction de la 15 et la 43, à 20 minute au nord de Morelia. Le Campement est niché en haut d’une colline et offre une vue imprenable sur le lac Cuitzeo, le 2e plus grand au Mexique. Avec l’aide du proprio, Arturo, nous avons manoeuvré avec facilité au travers du village pour nous rendre directement au campement. Nous ensuite monter la côte d’un quart de mile sans aucun problème. Des lots immenses pour vous garer avec vue sur le lac et les montagnes. Tranquillité assurée. Douches et toilettes impécablement propre. Cuisine publique. Terrasse avec vue etc. Un excellent arrêt (court, moyen et long terme) pour visiter: Sanctuaire papillons Monarque, Morelia, plusieurs Pueblo Magicos, Patzcuaro, Cuitzeo, sites eaux thermales … Belles randonnées à cheval ou à vélos (plusieurs sentiers), kayak, pêche…Arturo adore servir de guide, demander-lui de vous faire découvrir la région!  Nous recommandons fortement et nous reviendrons l’automne prochain! , March 4, 2017

FYI when driving towards the camping use the “libre” not the “toll ” road because the camping is not accessible from the toll road although it is right beside the toll road. nice spot for relaxing a few days. will report after a few days. By:, January 14th, 2017

Un des plus beaux terrains de camping de tout le Mexique. Nous avions prévu rester une nuit, nous y sommes restés 5 nuits. Énormément d’espace entre chacun des emplacements. Hyper tranquille malgré l’autoroute qui passe près. Il y a une bonne côte à monter pour se rendre au campement. Nous avons un classe C de 32 pieds avec un Ford E450 et on a monté sans problème. Un excellent arrêt pour ceux qui reviennent de la mer et qui veulent visiter les environs.Nous recommandons! By cathe28, January 7th, 2017

This is a hidden gem of a hideaway with gorgeous views! We spent a week here relaxing, doing maintenance, and exploring the area. Amazing views of the lake and towns below. Enjoy hikes, natural hot water baths, comfortable weather, and uncomparable hospitality of the owner, Arturo (Art). Art speaks excellent English and is proud to show you around the area and make recommendations. The showers are very nice and clean and hot. There Is A restaurant/Common area Kitchen with Fire pits. The WiFi Is fast. The climb to the entrance is a little steep but concrete offers plenty of traction and very doable. We visited Morelia from this site, very convenient. Check it out!  By, December 12th, 2016

Free for “boondockers”not requiring electricity/water/sewer. Large spaces but access is not easy through small village streets and steep hill. No signs, ring first – and don’t follow google maps, follow the GPS coordinates from the website!!  By home2homeamerica, December 1st, 2016

Great place. Huge spaces and nice large and clean restrooms. Not really convenient to any big grocery stores, etc. make sure to call ahead of time too let Art know you’re coming. By, November 7th, 2016


RV park with much space for every one. you got a beautiful view to the lake. just 35min. from Morelia. Electricity also for big rigs available. water and dump at every place. the owner was very friendly and show you everything you want. bathrooms and showers are in good condition. great and quiet place to hang out. By renzorzi, October 18th, 2016

Owner Arturo is working hard to get a good thing going. 21 enormous spaces, full hookups, hot showers, and great view of lago Cuitzeo. A very steep climb to the camp, but apparently big rvs do make it.  Art also loves taking people around to show off his favorite spots. You MUST call first so he can be there to open the gate.  By The Next Big Adventure, August 23rd, 2016

Located on a hill above Lago Cuitzeo at the junction of Mexico 15D and Mexico 43D just north of Morelia. The owner, Arturo, is creating his dream campground here. Bathrooms are great, view is great, sites are spacious and have excellent hook-ups. He’s built his own sewage plant. It’s a steep drive in but do-able for everyone unless driving a low-powered big rig. Arturo took us all over the little town of San Juan Tararameo which is sitting on top of a hot water reservoir. There are hot water wells all around town and a very simple, basic hot water bath where you can soak for as long as you want for $1 US. He also took us to Cuitzeo, across the lake, which is very historic and interesting. So much potential here!  Arturo still working with the city to get a better entrance road. Arturo loves where he is and wants everyone to love it as well.   By bobandmarilyn, January 13th, 2016


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