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A Cute Story about Rescuing a Juvenile Falcon

Sometimes, a simple helping hand can make a big difference!

One morning, at our Eco RV park San Juan Del Lago, we found a beautiful poor little bird lying on the floor under our window. The first impression was that one side of the wings might be injured.

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Right away we uploaded some pictures on Facebook and asked for help to identify the bird. Some knowledgeable soul responded very quickly and guided us. The bird is an American kestrel. He also directed us to this link for more info: Caring for Raptors.

Together with the kids, we gave the falcon lots of gentle care and love. We kept feeding her tiny pieces of raw beef. Kids were very excited being able to observe and help a bird so closely. They requested to check on her all the time!

By the third day, our falcon was able to flip her wings to move from one corner of the bathroom to another. She seemed to have gained much more strength.

After 4 days of rehabilitation, our rescued falcon finally got on her feet again! And we were so excited and happy to see that she could go back where she belongs!


Oh, some important information for all RVers now traveling to Mexico.

The huge celebration about the “Day of the Dead” / Dias de los Muertos is coming soon: From Oct 31 to Nov 2. It is in the state of Michoacán where we find the most traditional and original celebrations. Our ECO RV Park is located in the heart of it! We will organize different tours to bring you in the middle of these celebrations in Cuitzeo, Benito Juarez, Patzcuaro. Make your reservation at our Park soon or e-mail or call us for more information.

Hasta Luego ! Art.

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