Monarch Butterflies Sanctuary

San Juan del Lago Eco RV Park & Community is centrally located. Many unique tours and colonial cities, as well as Mexico City, are within 150 km: Pueblos Magicos (magical towns), thermal hot springs, water parks, Monarch butterflies, and more. We can help design your one-day to five-day sightseeing tour according to your interests and budget, including renting transportation, making reservations, designing routes, etc.

San Miguel de Allende


Several possibilities for a single-day trip include: Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, Morelia, Patzcuaro, Lake Cuitzeo, Azufres thermal water pools, and Moroleón.

Are you ready for a two- to five-day trip? Here are other stunning options: Mexico City, Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, Cuernavaca, Taxco, as well as many other beautiful attractions. to book these trips.



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Following are some tours that are already designed and programmed for your convenience;
The Monarch Butterfly Tour:

Visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and witness the incredible natural phenomenon of the Monarch butterfly migration. Each year, to escape harsh winters, millions of beautiful, orange and black-winged Monarch butterflies migrate 2500 miles from Canada to the butterfly reserves, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, in rural Michoacán, Mexico. Their home is in the branches of almost 2,000 oak and evergreen trees that are approximately 100 feet high. It’s breathtaking!

The City of Morelia Tour:

San Juan del Lago RV Eco RV Park & Community is located 30 km from of the enchanting colonial city of Morelia, the state capital of Michoacán. This tour is designed to take you to the Historical Center (Centro Historico), which has a variety of stores, restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, arts and craft shops, and many historical buildings - a must see! We will also show you most of the important commercial centers of the city, such as Mega Supermarkets , and the Centro Commercial Americas (mall-style center). Morelia offers full amenities, shopping centers (Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc.), movie theaters, and diverse restaurants that offer the best in national and international cuisine. In addition, excellent, modern medical facilities are easily accessible. Morelia’s amazing colonial architecture, vibrant historic downtown area (Centro Histórico), and one of the most striking relics – a mile-long limestone aqueduct, are enchanting.

The Town of Pátzcuaro Tour:

This tour takes you to one of the most picturesque towns in Michoacán. There you will witness the work of local artisans and find a variety of arts and crafts, excellent restaurants, and amazing lake views. You will interact with Tarasco natives and learn about some of the oldest cultures in Mexico.

The Lake Cuitzeo Tour: 

The town of Cuitzeo (Pueblo Mágico)  is located less than 10 km from the Park. In this tour, we visit an interesting Plateresque-style Augustinian ex-Convent, one of the most important in the state of Michoacán. The historic convent houses some of the archaeological artifacts found in the area and gives you an idea of life in the Middle Ages in Mexico. Cuitzeo offers the conveniences of small super markets, mechanic shops, boutiques, restaurants, doctors, Pemex diesel and gasoline stations, etc. From there, the tour takes you on a ride around the west shore of the lake and goes through many idyllic towns.  Some of the activities that you can enjoy are: strolling by the shore of the lake, hiking, biking, bird watching, kayaking, picnicking, and so much more.

The Azufres Tour:

This tour takes you to the Sierra Mountains to a balneario (spa) that offers barbecue pits, lodges, and lake activities. The highlight is the thermal water pools.

The Moroleón Tour:

This town offers all the services found in a small city, but is well known for its work in textiles and clothing at bottom-market prices. This is an excellent place to shop for the kids, friends, and family.