Hola! We would like to invite you to join us in the development of our RV Eco Farm Community.

We are at the beginning stage of developing our RV permaculture farm community, our goal is to grow our own organic food, with the idea of eating healthier and living a holistic, self-sufficient lifestyle while helping to rescue and preserve our natural surroundings. We’d also like to start a homeschool group to connect our children more with the nature and teach them how to care for Mother Earth. We will be working closely with our local community as well, sharing our experiences and knowledge.

We have a vision to become an educational center to serve the local community by promoting environment awareness and sharing our experience & knowledge.

We’d like to invite people and families who share similar interests and visions to co-work with us to achieve these goals. You will need to be able to cover your basic expenses (food, transportation, etc.), should be willing to work in the different areas of the farm and reach out to the local community and contribute to market our RV permaculture farm project. We are open to receive families and single individuals. Would be very helpful if you have gardening/farming/permaculture experience and skills, but you are still welcome as long as you have a willing heart to learn and try new things. Help us to build a self-sufficient community that contributes to making a positive change in our small part of the world.

Currently we have 20 RV spaces with full hookups for a very affordable monthly rate, and a mature organic cactus orchard, which is ready to be harvested as well as ten citrus trees and ten guava trees. We are located near the lagoon of Cuitzeo, 20 minutes north of the state capital Morelia. We have RV spaces for lease, plenty of tent camping areas and simple housing accommodations.

If interested please check our web site and call us at 011 52 1 443 228 3839

“Eco-Villages are human scale, full featured settlements which are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development and can be successfully continued into the indefinite future.”Robert Gilman

Arturo Barrera

San Juan Del lago Eco RV Park & Community

011 52 1 443 228 3839