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Rainy season and what’s new in our garden

The rainy started in our area in June. The rain water turned the park from brown to green and lush almost overnight. It's time to take some baby trees out of their bags to plant in the garden.

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We planted avocado, peach and mango trees, protected by a circle of wire mash. Outside along the circle, we planted beans, cucumbers and pumpkin seeds, so that in due time their vane will have something to climb along. for each baby tree, we gave it the harvest from the vermicompost, and finally watered it with the casting of the earthworms. In the end around each tree, we covered the surface of the soil with corn stalk to keep the weeds down and to retain the moisture of the earth. So under the nourishment and care, the plants are happily growing.

Bees are dancing inbetween the blossoms of the guava trees. Hope we can set up some bee hives soon.

In another corner of the garden, some carrots and cilantro are growing happily. .....And the only survivor of the lettuce. Believe there are other garden animals love the lettuce more then we do.

Baby pumpkins are take shape.

A newly transplanted bamboo is taking new shoots.

Life is all over the place!

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