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A Cute Story about Rescuing a Juvenile Falcon

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Sometimes, a simple helping hand can make a big difference! One morning, at our Eco RV park San Juan Del Lago, we found a beautiful poor little bird lying on the floor under our window. The first impression was that one side of the wings might be injured. Right away we uploaded some pictures on Facebook and asked for help to identify the bird. Some knowledgeable soul responded very quickly and guided us. The bird […]

Eco Movement


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LIVE HEALTHIER AND LOWER YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT ON EARTH Hola! We would like to invite you to join us in the development of our RV Eco Farm Community. We are at the beginning stage of developing our RV permaculture farm community, our goal is to grow our own organic food, with the idea of eating healthier and living a holistic, self-sufficient lifestyle while helping to rescue and preserve our natural surroundings. We’d also like to […]