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We now have a Mini Eco farm !

We now have a Mini Eco farm !

We are happy and proud to announce that we now have a mini Eco farm inside of our Eco RV Park and Community.

A nice old woman, from the Benito Juarez village, gave us recently some chickens … she wants us to take care of them because she felt confident that we will take good care of them instead of killing them for their meat. And she was right! Our kids are so happy to spend precious time with the growing family every day.

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Elizabeth, Leon and Noah love to pick the eggs, clean their little casa and of course take them in their arms. Many little chicken babies are now running everywhere. Our roosters are big and healthy, as well of the mama’s chickens. They are all well fed with vegetable compost and grains. We also have a goat and waiting for a second one to have the perfect couple.

We also take a lot of time to build enclosures, create a safe a good environment and we also fully gate all animal’s areas. It is a win win win situation here. Happy chickens produce lovely eggs and babies, we are eating the eggs and create funny recipes, we also use our veggie compost as a healthy food.

More to come!

Visit our website for more information. Because we are located in high elevation at 7000 feet in beautiful mountains, the Eco Rv Park provide the perfect location to stay in order to avoid the very hot temperature during summer and so much to discover and explore all around us: Monarch butterflies, Colonial cities, Azufres & thermal water stations, art, San Miguel de Allande, Patzcuaro etc...  Click here to read our invitation to join our RV ECO Farm Movement.


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