RV Eco Park

What’s Up in our Eco RV Park?

One stormy night, a dog came to seek shelter under one of the RVs which parked inside of the park. The next morning, the RV's owner Bernard and Christine discovered her with her wounded body, and they kindly took her in, as well as named her Leila.

After some cleaning up, we took her to the vet for more treatment of the several wounds. Leila quickly became one of us and recovered rapidly.

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After being with us for two month, one day we suddenly noticed that her breasts are enlarged, in addition to her increased weight. She was also trying to prepare a cave on the hillside whenever she got a chance. All the clues point to one fact, which was Leila, would have puppies soon!

On the morning of 18th July, 3 adorable little things popped up next to Leila. She delivered them and cleaned them up afterwards all on her own during the night. What a pleasant surprise from a stray dog! First glimpse of the new family. A good Mama!

Leila has been a good mother, she faithfully feeds her sons and cleans up their droppings. The new born puppies couldn't open their eyes until two weeks later.

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One the same day, our mommy horse also gave birth to a beautiful foal after seeing her carrying a heavy load for13 month.

What marvellous life!

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